A new release of the ubilinux™ distribution is now available in our Downloads section!

Be aware that it is a beta release and it currently supports only UP Squared.

Main features

  • Image Flasher with Automated or Interactive installation options available
  • Image based on Debian 9 Stretch and Debian Linux Kernel 4.9
  • LXQt Desktop Environment
  • LibMRAA and RPi.GPIO libraries
  • Pylon vision software 
  • Linux Kernel changes:
    • pinctrl driver to enable 40-pin header
    • RPi I/O compatibility driver
    • onboard LEDs driver

Known issues

  • Refer to the Errata List in the Downloads section.

UEFI BIOS UPA1AM18 update for UP Squared is available to download from the UEFI BIOS downloads section.

The main improvements from the original BIOS included with the early shipping for Kickstarters are:  


  • Re-arranged BIOS Setup Menu
  • Enabled support for MIPI CSI Camera : OV2740 & OV8856
  • Enabled Audio DSP pubkey on cAvsImage1Manifest
  • USB set as the 1st boot priority boot device
  • Enabled support for FPGA initialization during BIOS POST
    • All single function pin set as GPIOs 
    • All multi function pins set as SPI,UART,PWM,I2S
    • Fixed GPIO Interrupt Issue



For a full list of changes, refer to the History.txt file available in the BIOS package.

To flash the BIOS update, follow the steps on the UEFI BIOS download page.


Please note that newer BIOS versions are meant to be used along with an updated Ubilinux kernel. Instructions to update the kernel are available in other posts from this blog.

New ubilinux, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 and Yocto 4.4 Kernel packages for the UP Board have just been released!

Release notes

ubilinux Kernel

  • Rebased Kernel to Linux Kernel 4.4.35 (which includes Dirty Cow patch and other security improvements)
  • Added patch for Kingston M525 eMMC write failures


Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 Kernel

  • Rebased Kernel to Ubuntu 4.4.xx (which includes Dirty Cow patch and other security improvements)
  • Added patch for Kingston M525 eMMC write failures


Yocto 2.1 (meta-up-board 2.1-3)

  • Updated for Yocto 2.1.2 (Krogoth)
  • Added patch for Kingston M525 eMMC write failures
  • Added support for ACPI table override via initrd or efivars




An UP² Pentium Plus starter kit has been added to the winner reward!

For this reason we are also going to extend the sign-up date until the end of November so you will have more time to subscribe.

up hackathon

Check out the Virtual Hackathon page and subscribe to the competition!


The UP Team just unveiled the next generation of UP on Kickstarter on the 1st of November 2016.

UP2 (UP Squared), the most powerful maker board ever, is based on the latest Intel® technology; formally known as Apollo Lake. It boasts the Intel® Celeron N3350 and Intel® Pentium N4200 with Altera FPGA MAX® 10 onboard. UP2 (UP Squared) is priced starting at just €89!


For more information please visit the UP2 (UP Squared) website or checkout our UP2 (UP Squared) campaign on Kickstarter!

up2 kickstarter

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